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"How is he in person? Very nice. Very polite. Very sincere. Very…earnest. As prosaic as it sounds, kinda like… Clark Kent. He’s a solid, good guy. Talks about his devotion to family, commitment to his work, considered by every cast member to have been the most dedicated guy on set — arrived first, left last. This will hopefully help him through what’s about to happen." [x]

When I saw Henry last year at Superman’s 75th panel at SDCC I could tell he was Clark Kent. During the panel a fireman asked if he could sign something for the rest of the firemen, and although, the announcer was upset because we were asked to not ask questions for autographs, Henry simple said, of course without any second thought. Even with the all the screaming fans, he remained humble and even quite shy. A wonderful man he is indeed. 

(Source: amancanfly)


The Man From U.N.C.L.E.  release dates so far…

Germany 15 January 2015

Switzerland 15 January 2015

Portugal 15 January 2015

Netherlands 15 January 2015

Ireland 16 January 2015

UK 16 January 2015

USA 16 January 2015

Romania 16 January 2015 

France 21 January 2015

Russia 22 January 2015

Australia 22 January 2015

Czech Republic 22 January 2015 

Brazil 22 January 2015

Italy 22 January 2015 

Greece 29 January 2015 - new

Spain 20 February 2015 

Turkey 20 February 2015 

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